Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rave! Great Results with Google AdWords Express!

After much dilemma, I finally decided to give Google's AdWords Express a try.  This is my first experience with any of Google's AdWords advertising.  I had looked into AdWords a couple times, but was confused by the numerous settings and options, so I never ran an ad. 

I decided to check into AdWords Express, which I didn't know existed until just recently.  It was simple to use, and with a few clicks my ad was up and running. This is a "pay-per-click" format, so I set my max bid at $1.64 and my total limit at $50.00.  I had immediate results.  Using major search phrases in Google, I show up at the top, or on the right side almost every time.  I have had 4 clicks so far, totaling $6.56, and have had one serious inquiry for a portrait session - which is $150.00. If that session is booked, Google AdWords Express and outdone my expectations!

I recommend giving it a try!